Minishifts Logo25 years ago Steven Speir formed a small business. He was transporting earthmoving and construction machinery.

He appointed his brother Ben as General Manager. Together they began to build Minishifts into a successful company. But there were some things in the business that weren’t sitting well with Steve. Luckily he had the foresight to know when outside help was needed.

Before Working with Full Focus:

A good client introduced us to Steve several years earlier. Although Steve never seemed to need our services, we’d kept in touch. One day we received a call from Steve. He was looking for some help with his business and thought of Full Focus.

Steve had started out in the business the right way. But the company’s growth meant systems had become out of date. Loose ends stayed loose. Management was out-of-step with the operational side of the business. Minishifts had a substantial and sustainable turnover. So why wasn’t there any profit at the end of the day?

“We knew something was wrong and tried all ways to rectify it, including lowering costs in several areas. Nothing seemed to work.”

What We Did:

An in-depth look was needed. Starting out from the ground up, we began with a Wealth Maximisation Audit for Steve. Many errors, conflicts and shortfalls were identified in his legal and financial documents. We assisted Steve to rectify these errors. Over time his affairs were brought in line with what he wanted/needed.

Of equal importance, we were able to establish one vital piece of information. Steve had been successful in building Minishifts from day one. But he just wanted to own a successful business and to drive a truck. Once we got a handle on that, everything else fell into place.

Wide-ranging areas needed addressing at Minishifts. Because of this we brought in an outside specialist to help. The business and its culture soon came back in line and up to speed.

“The way I envision Minishifts has also taken a real step up, and this has caused the whole company’s performance to lift.  “ …more

We conducted a survey to see what Minishifts’ clients thought of them. We wanted to now whether Minishifts were saying the right things about themselves. The results provided reinforcement for Minishifts’ brand. (We were told on more than one occasion “…I’ve even seen a giraffe on a Minishifts transporter …”

The Difference Today:

Minishifts have a clear, prioritised list of areas to address. These are being worked through in a systematic way as resources allow.

Steve has the peace of mind knowing his legal and financial affairs are sorted. There are things in place to ensure Minishifts will continue to operate if either Steve or Ben are unable to work.

Minishifts are now enjoying record months. They have systems and procedures in place to simply and smoothly run the business. They now have money left at the end of the day! Steve spends more time driving his truck and less in the office (much to the thankfulness of all concerned!)

“Getting Full Focus in was the best thing we’ve ever done.”  …more

Steven Speir

Owner, Minishifts Limited

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