Minishifts Logo“Minishifts has been in operation for almost 20 years and is a well established company.  But despite the fact that we had a substantial turnover, we never seemed to have any money – there just wasn’t any profit.  We knew something was wrong and tried all ways to rectify it, including lowering costs in several areas.  Nothing seemed to work.

“Getting Full Focus in was the best thing we’ve ever done.  Their advice was very simple and straight forward.  We’ve now got a system in place we never had before, and a clear focused direction for Minishifts to aim towards.  Our creditors and debtors are paid up to date and there’s no longer any pressure from suppliers. Another major benefit was the introduction to other contractors and contractors groups where we’ve been able to do new business.

There’s only one thing to say to someone who’s in a similar situation as we were – get Full Focus in!”

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Ben Speir

Dispatcher, Minishifts Limited