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Independent advisors to Auckland business owners

our story

Independent advisors to Auckland business owners

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Running a business is tough work

It requires passion, dedication and diligence. Having worked with business owners for 40 years, we’re very clear on that. We’re also very clear about something else: not having the right advice or the right support can make running a business an exhausting, uphill battle.

We’re staunch advocates for business owners

Having a business coach on your side does help. Full Focus offers tailored solutions for the business owners. At Full Focus, we’re very keen on making business success easier for you. With over 40 years’ experience, our small, select team prides itself on its independence and integrity.

Our independence and integrity are traits we’re very proud of

We also pride ourselves on our ability to stand up in the face of anything or anyone that gets in the way of our clients’ success. We’re staunch, we don’t back down and above all, we talk straight … and tell it like it is. As the business owner, your best interests are paramount, always.

Business Guide

Nothing about your business is viewed in isolation

Small Business Coach

We look at the “big picture” of business owners’ lives, taking everything into account. Seemingly complex and disparate issues become streamlined and simplified. We bring together and coordinate every facet of your business to ensure everything fits and works together. You’ll have real independent advice from Auckland business consultants who take a wholistic approach to your success.

Help for business owners

We’d like to think we take the hard work out of being a business owner. We ensure business owners have the right support and the right things in place. They can then run their business with confidence and focus so they can move forward in the direction they want.

Work begins by evaluating where you are and where you want or need to be. Clear steps are then put in place to get you there. As your business coach we’ll give you advice customised to your situation. We’ll guide you and help put strategies and solutions in place to achieve your objectives.

Our business advisory team

Based in Takapuna, on Auckland’s North Shore, our small privately-owned New Zealand company is a discrete team of people. The core operators are:


David Martin

David Martin –

Front man, business coach and director

Small Business Advisor

David’s role in the business is at a hands-on level. He spends a great deal of each day interacting with our clients. He loves nothing better than meeting with them in their own industry or places of work.

David is the business coach face of Full Focus. He has a huge commitment to people succeeding. A great thinker, quick on his feet and always ready with a joke, David is a great asset not only to Full Focus but to the business owners he works with.

David excels in getting the best results for our clients. But beware, David is a straight shooter. His integrity is unquestionable and as such he never brushes the dust under the rug. He says it how it is. If it’s a spade, he’ll call it a spade. He is passionate about being on our clients’ side. He’s the business coach Auckland entrepreneurs and managers can be sure will be in their corner.

In his spare time Dave’s an avid reader, Tai Chi master-in-training and keen rugby follower. In fact, he’s convinced that rugby is the true meaning of life!

David’s career began with 3 years in the N.Z. Army at Waiouru Military Camp. He then pursued a successful career in the life insurance industry. He established several Life Brokerage operations these that were ultimately capitalised. For the last 35 years he has honed his skills working as a business coach Auckland business owners and company shareholders have since benefitted from.

David is an Accredited Business Mentor (Business Mentors New Zealand), and is a member of the Institute of Accredited Business Consultants (NZ) Inc.

Email: david@fullfocus.co.nz
Mobile: 0274 902 401

Kathy Martin

Kathy Martin –

CEO & General Manager

Small Business Advisor

Kathy is an implementation specialist and an expert in the business of getting things done. Her wide-ranging experience makes her a skilful manager and administrator. Kathy specialises in SME businesses, particularly family run businesses.

Her expertise is in project and goal management and the development and implementation of marketing strategies. Kathy is the business coach Auckland clients have come to rely on for structure and precision. Kathy is able to work in areas as diverse as helping put client’s strategic planning in place to keeping their debtors up to date.

Kathy is also responsible for the marketing and day-to-day running of Full Focus, as well as keeping Dave under control (in itself a full-time job). She is constantly up to date and involved with client projects and events.

In her spare time, Kathy enjoys a good novel, keeping fit and spending time in the outdoors. She is also an accomplished artist, having sold many paintings locally and further afield. Currently she paints for pleasure and gets a real buzz out of using her talent to transform the spaces inside and outside her home.

Kathy’s career includes holding several high-level positions as Personal Assistant to CEOs of large NZ corporates, Australian conglomerates and London stockbroking institutions.

For the last 30 years she has continued to develop her talents as an administrator and manager. At the same time, she has achieved success in areas such as team building, public relations and project management.

Email: kathy@fullfocus.co.nz
Mobile: 027 2800 564

Being a business owner can be hard work.  Good business advice makes it easier. If you’d like to know more, talk to the business coach Auckland entrepreneurs and business owners have called for focus, motivation and inspiration.

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