Operating Standards

Our operating standards ensure we can do our job well and efficiently, providing you with the very best possible result.

We will always –

  • Look for new business ideas to significantly improve your effectiveness and move you ahead confidently
  • Challenge existing methods and endeavour to provide unique and innovative concepts
  • Seek to expand your ability to keep pace and be successful in a world of constant change and rich business opportunity
  • Our aim is to demonstrate professional excellence in everything we do

We are committed to –

  • Providing extraordinary performance in all areas of our work
  • Building and sustaining long-term working relationships
  • Conducting our services so you are happy with every encounter you have with us
  • Making a difference in your life
  • Operating with unquestioned integrity
  • Being a potent resource for achieving your goals
  • Doing what we say we’re going to do
  • Seeing it through to the end

We request that you –

  • Make legal and financial documents available if requested
  • Provide contact details of existing professional advisors, allow us to contact them if required, and give your permission for them to discuss your needs with us
  • Relate to us with candidness, honesty and truthfulness
  • Disclose all necessary information
  • Be prepared to consider (and test) any business strategy or idea
  • Be prepared to change (to achieve your goals)
  • Honour your financial commitments to us, on time
  • Introduce us to others who you think we could help. (Almost all our business comes from introductory referrals.  Read about how we’ll handle your referrals)
  • Do what you say you’re going to do
  • See it through to the end.