what's next?Our last two posts focused on “right now”.  We’ve talked about how to look after yourself and your people. How to focus on what you can control (pretty much eliminating the stress about what you can’t control).

Many of our readers watched the YouTube videos in the first newsletter. Even more took our cash flow advice and the tools available in the second newsletter.

In case you missed all this, you can find the content and the tools here:

1. What’s Important Right Now And What You Can Do About It

2. What now? … Time to be in action

What’s next?

Let’s assume you’ve taken the advice. You’ve got yourself sorted. Your cash position (personal and business) is clear. Now it’s time to focus on what’s next for you and for your business.

Over the last 5 weeks we’ve all had time to sit down and reassess what we’re doing and where we’re up to. A lot of us have had to work in a different way. We’ve found alternative ways to connect with people and other businesses. Some of us haven’t been able to work at all, even had to close the doors for good. Many of us will have found alternatives worth adopting as we go into the future.

As we all know, we’re not out of the woods yet. There’s still a long way to go. But now we have a chance to reinvent what comes next.

What have you learned about yourself and your business that you can take forward to shape the future? Have you reinvented how it will look for you and your business? What can you take forward to enhance the way you do things in the future? The way you live your life? The way you spend your days? What opportunities will put you and your people in a better position than you were before?

“Be careful of what you want because you might get it!”

If you’re keen to reinvent what comes next, ask yourself these questions:

  • If you had the most extraordinary life possible – what would it feel like and what would it look like?
  • How would you know when you had it? … how could you tell that your life was extraordinary?
  • What would need to be present – what would you include and what would you leave out?

Then ask yourself the same questions about your business. An extraordinary business? … how would that look and how would that feel?

Don’t dismiss this as an exercise that lives in woowoo land. It’s not. Our most successful business owners and entrepreneurs start with a vision. It can be hard to begin the process when you’re faced with a blank canvas.

If you’re stuck and wondering where to begin, we can help.
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Churchill said “never let a good crisis go to waste”. We all need to stop a minute and consider his words. We all have opportunities now that we didn’t have before. The question is, will you take those opportunities, or will you go back to “business as usual”?



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