time to be in actionDuring the 1980s a distinguished client defined his key criteria for business investments:
“Fun and money” he stated “…and if there’s no money there’s no fun”!

In the years since, these words of wisdom have governed our thinking. They’ve also influenced the advice we give our successful business owner clients.

Where’s The Money?

Right now, cashflow is front and centre of almost everyone’s minds. Not just business owners – although if this is you – you may be feeling it particularly. You may be having to reduce staff and you’ll be worrying about them as well as yourself. We don’t know how long this will last and you may not know if you have enough resources to make it through. There may be no money coming in. You may be scared of losing your business, and then your house. There are all sorts of scary scenarios playing out across an uncertain field.

Time and again we come across businesses that don’t have any cashflow system. If they do have one, it’s in a form that professionals, including bankers, love to see … like a cashflow projection.

The “Business Oxygen” article by Keith Cunningham discusses such a cashflow system. It’s worth a read. Note particularly his “thirteen most critical key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical drivers.” When you get to the end of the article, there’s even a template provided to create your own 13 week cashflow forecast.

Managing The Cash

The kind of 13 week cashflow projection talked about above gives a general picture. This is better than no picture at all. But in our experience it doesn’t provide hands-on cash management. And that’s what small businesses and business owners need. It doesn’t allow you to manage and manipulate your cash flow on a daily or weekly basis. Yet this is essential to get your cash working for you when you need it to.

Imagine having a cashflow management system that allows you (on any given day) to see –

  • The exact dates the bills are due.
  • Whether you’ll have enough money to pay on the due dates, and if not –
  • Allows you enough time to get the money.

We would hesitate to say that one system is better than the other.  But experience tells us one works better when it comes to managing actual cashflow. This cash management tool gives you visible and precise control of your cashflow. For up to 12 weeks in advance.

It’s This Easy

The system is simple – a few columns on an excel spreadsheet. It’s this simplicity that’s the beauty of it. Once set up it will only take around 5 minutes a day to administer. The peace of mind it will bring you will be priceless. Our most successful clients use this system. They put in place for all their entities – business, personal, trusts etc.

Usually we do all the groundwork to get this system in place for our clients ……. and it costs around $1,750. Right now, because we’re all in tough spot, there’s no cost to you. But this time it’s DIY, with an instruction booklet for you to follow. We’ll be happy to talk you through it if needed and provide guidance or advice. But we won’t be doing the groundwork – you’ll have to do that yourself.

You can call us on 09 489 1650 or flick us an email, and we’ll get it to your inbox within 48 hours. No obligation whatsoever, and no charge.

Do Yourself A Favour

Getting a handle on your cashflow is something you can do right now. Something we recommend you should do right now. Whether it’s a “13 week cashflow forecast” or a “12 week cashflow management tool”. If you don’t have a cash flow system, get one, and get it now. Businesses will get up and running again. You’ll want to be ready. You’ll want to know where the cash is, or how you’re going to get it, and when you’re going to get it.

Our most successful clients all focus on the cash. Be that client. This is more important now than ever. Give yourself the best chance of coming out of this in good shape.


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