Curtain Clinic LogoThe Curtain Clinic Ltd had an ever-growing number of customers. Currently well over 5,000. Owner Angela Jones had a virtual goldmine at her fingertips. She realised keeping these records in MYOB wasn’t doing them justice. With guidance along the way, Angela started a journey to transform her contact list. She would soon have marketing opportunities that would reap handsome rewards, almost overnight.

Before Beginning The Project:

Several years prior Angela integrated Curtain Clinic’s MYOB with a sales-driven database. The idea had been to capture more information than MYOB would allow. She wanted to market to existing customers. At the time there was a lot of stuff happening at Curtain Clinic. There were many projects on the go and others nearing completion. The concept of marketing to the database never got off the ground.

As other projects reached completion, the time was right to get serious about the database. It became evident that although Angela knew it needed to happen, she had no interest in actually doing it.

This is where we came in.

What We Did:

At the outset it was clear that there was some work needed on Curtain Clinic’s database. Data had often been entered in a haphazard manner. There was no particular regard for following protocols. Often the information recorded was incomplete.

We outscoured information gathering and updating the database. Although this was an arduous process, there proved to be an added bonus. Often a call to check an email address would result in new business. It was a real buzz for Angela and her team to hear the positive comments her customers had made during these calls.

A communication strategy was developed. This was tailored to Curtain Clinic and its customers’ specific needs. We examined the marketing tools Curtain Clinic already had available. We looked at what was needed to fulfill the strategy. Then we put in place processes and systems to fill the gap between what we had and what we needed.

The database was further customised to ensure the required information was readily available. A simple email marketing tool was set up to send communications to customers. An annual Marketing Calendar was established in line with customers’ seasonal requirements.

Systems and processes were put in place and documented. Then we began deploying marketing campaigns. Angela had decided early on that she had no interest in running this herself. So we took over managing this side of her marketing efforts. This left Angela free to concentrate on other things.

The Difference Today:

Curtain Clinic is now in touch with its customers. Reminders are sent when their curtains are due for cleaning. New customers are welcomed aboard. Special offers are made throughout the year. Most of these email campaigns are deployed without Angela needing to do anything.

Curtain Clinic now has 12 months of email marketing under their belt. It’s fair to say the company is reaping the rewards of a well designed yet simple marketing system. Curtain Clinic is now achieving record sales month after month. There’s been a 25% increase in annual revenue. That’s a pretty good result. Curtain Clinic has also received many unsolicited testimonials on the work they do.

There is no doubt about the value of a good database. Well managed and well utilised it can assist any business to achieve record results.

Angela Jones

Owner, The Curtain Clinic Limited

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