Curtain Clinic Logo“I was introduced to Full Focus by a colleague whose judgment and advice I rate very highly.At that time I was a very hands-on leader of a small but efficient team, dedicated to excellent customer service, excellent results, high word-of-mouth and repeat customer referrals.

“I had many ideas for growing the business, but they were never written down, or developed. The business is a very unique one and had potential for greater things, but my hands-on involvement was proving to be a handicap.

“I had no clear idea or concept of how Full Focus were going to help, and no expectations of improving either the business or my personal situation but welcomed the “free” consultation with anticipation.   It was to be a turning point.  I have since been enlightened, inspired and constantly motivated to chase another goal, and challenge each new month.

A Tremendous Asset

“The current business planning project I am working through with Kathy is not only going to be a tremendous asset when completed, it has given me an insight into just how easy any plan can be implemented when done in “bite-size” tasks on a regular and consistent basis. Being a “doer” rather than a “planner”, knowing that I am accountable for set tasks to Kathy, regularly, has been the key to the whole project.

“Although my strategic plan has not yet been completed, I have an immense sense of achievement as each individual subplan is completed, particularly with the more technical aspects. Kathy’s knowledge of how to formulate the PSP’s is invaluable, and the steps from there become very clear. It has been neither onerous nor tedious and THAT surprises me!!!

A Stronger Business

“I very much look forward to the day when we say “That’s it!!” – I will have a document that I will be proud of, a business that is stronger because of the work involved, and a direction for me personally to develop and move on with.

“I have always believed in paying good money for good advice – whether it be legal, financial or developmental. Planning is a fundamental necessity that is often overlooked when a business is just average, or there is no “dream” for it to be better. Full Focus have been instrumental in giving me confidence in my own abilities, clarity in my thinking, and tools to improve my business beyond what my own intuition would have allowed.

“Kathy and Dave are both very clear thinkers, very up-front people and I value their support and understanding of me and my business. Regardless of what the future holds, I will always regard them as part of my small team of “experts”, without whom the business would not be where it is today. Having Full Focus involved in any business is, without a doubt, a wise investment in the future of that business.”

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Angela Jones

Owner, The Curtain Clinic Limited