Curtain Clinic Logo“Having been in business for 15 years and a loyal supporter of my bank, both for the business and for my personal banking, I always assumed that I was a fairly VIP customer, with a squeaky clean banking record being a solid background for any financial request that I would have.  I had a “direct line” to my personal banker and any queries that arose were dealt with efficiently by her.

“Just recently, at a time when my business is experiencing its “peak” season, I had an offer on my house which was too good to pass up considering the current “low” in the market.  I made a reasonably quick decision to buy in the same market and so was thrust into the hands of the bank to settle the current mortgage and seek new finance for the new property.

“It soon became obvious that the banking relationship was non-existent and my bank was unaware of any code of loyalty to their customers !!!

Took The Pressure Off

“For more than 12 months now I have been working with Dave and Kathy Martin of Full Focus Limited who have assumed the business advisory arm of my business.  They were quick to identify a course of action – taking the pressure of seeking well-informed advice from other banking institutions out of my hands and into theirs, so that I could concentrate on my business.

“There were three obvious goals:
1. To secure the best deal in mortgage finance
2. To separate my business banking from my personal banking i.e. two separate banking institutions
3. To ensure my Trust was established so administration of it was at its most efficient
and there was approximately 10 days to do it in.

“By settlement day, Full Focus had sourced the optimum mortgage package for our needs.  They had researched and met with bank officers without any involvement by me, enabled the separation of business/personal banking and ensured all legal steps had been taken to improve the administration of my Trust.  Essentially, Full Focus has once again ensured again that all requirements have been met.

A Secure Future

“Without the involvement of Full Focus, due to time constraints, I probably would have just “gone along” with the requirements of my current bank.  Now, I am absolutely clear that I have been well-looked after, and am very secure in the knowledge that my financial affairs, with just a little fine tuning,  are well established and that the future security of the business/the Trust/me personally, is assured.

“I would simply not hesitate to recommend the involvement of Full Focus in any similar financial negotiations.  They turned an absolutely intolerable situation into a succinct, structured and well-timed plan of achieved outcomes.  They are efficient, well-resourced and straight-to-the-point and at all times I had no doubt that they are completely “on-my-side”.  I consider Full Focus Limited an asset to my business.”

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Angela Jones

Owner, The Curtain Clinic Limited