Sara Poore had gone through some changes in her business and her life. As often happens, things had gotten away on Sara and she realised she was a little out of control.

Before Working With Full Focus:

Sara decided it was time to take stock, take back the reins and start being in charge of her life again. This is when Sara came to Full Focus looking for help and guidance.

Timing was critical, as Sara had booked a lengthy overseas trip in one month’s time. She was adamant and determined to have certain things handled before she left.

What We Did:

Full Focus designed a project to fit Sara’s specific needs. We handled the urgent things first, before she left. We could deal with the rest on her return.

One of the most critical issues was managing cashflow. Many years before we had set up a cashflow system for Sara, but it had fallen by the way side and was no longer in use. One of the first things we did was help Sara re-establish this cashflow system. This made sure she had certainty of where money was going to come from. She also knew when she needed it to pay bills and other commitments.

At the same time we dealt with the other related, critical issue – Sara’s refinancing requirements. Like many business owners, debt had built up in different places. Different methods had been used used to fund it. Our aim was to bring all Sara’s debt together, and fund it all through one source.

With Sara’s agreement we approached many different banks to find the best offers. We had several to choose from, all competing for Sara’s business.

The Difference Today:

Sara was able to pick a deal from a bank that fit her best. She was able to gain top-notch terms and interest rates from her chosen lender.

Right on cue, Sara was enjoying her long-deserved overseas holiday. She could relax. Sara knew her financial affairs sorted and exciting things awaited her return.

“If you click with Dave’s very direct style of operating, he will both support and challenge your thinking.  Either way he will help you get out of the situation you are in ….”  more

Sara Poore

Owner, Barry & Co Limited

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