Wilde And Freeman Logo“Years ago when my life was at a cross roads I worked with a consultant whom I knew called Dave Martin. I have known Dave since 1991 and stay in touch regularly.

“Dave is slightly unconventional and really open and direct. I found him both very supportive and not afraid to challenge my thinking. He was methodical in facilitating me through a process that got a result.  I then continued to use him to coach and support me to implement some of these strategies.  He works with his wife Kathy and they are a great couple.“I did some life planning and then business planning which he calls “Directional Planning”.  It was the most useful thing I did and still highly relevant in guiding what I try and do.

“I think the best thing for you to do if you want is to phone or email Dave 0274 902 401 or 09 489 1650.  Get him to come out and meet you so you can both better understand if there is a chemistry that fits and what you want and he might be able to deliver.”

“If you click with Dave’s very direct style of operating, he will both support and challenge your thinking.  Either way he will help you get out of the situation you are in.”  Sara Poore

Sara Poor

Consultant, Wilde and Freeman