Mike and Fiona Francis’s successful business was called Revolution Systems – Sybiz NZ Ltd. It was providing them handsome dividends.

Profits were high and lifestyle was good. But they were having trouble overcoming major sticking points in the business. With the help of Full Focus, Mike and Fiona resolved these issues. They were able to set a clear path to realise their ultimate goal.

Before Working With Full Focus:

Mike and Fiona started their family business in the late 1980s. They had since developed a highly regarded computer software business. Revolution Systems was a specialist Microsoft partner. It was also well known for its International Freight Forwarding and International Customs & Warehouse management software.

Revolution Systems was doing very well but there were some major issues. These were getting in the way of progress and development of the business. Mike and Fiona were finding it hard to address these issues, let alone resolve them. The business was struggling to move ahead because of this.

Mike and Fiona’s time was taken up dealing with the pressure of day to day work. They were not spending enough time on management issues. They were going round in circles chasing their tails. Mike and Fiona were unable to move ahead to where they wanted to be – both personally and in their business.

What We Did:

Mike and Fiona were looking for some direction. They wanted to handle whatever was stopping their business developing and moving forward.

We conducted a Personal Stocktake to for Mike and Fiona’s. They want to ensure their structures were strong and would do the job they wanted them to do. Areas of concern were highlighted and Mike and Fiona set about fixing these. They wanted to ensure the foundation on which to build their “empire” was sound.

We worked alongside Mike and Fiona to help them identify the issues in their business. As in all family businesses, there were some tough questions to ask. With Full Focus alongside them, these were dealt with in a way that took a lot of the emotion out of the situation. This meant decisions could be made as logically and pragmatically as possible.

“As a primary benefit of working with Dave, I received a much better understanding of the issues we faced. He was outside the organisation and not afraid to call it as he saw it…”

We also set some clear goals and objectives which Mike and Fiona could align with. There was also an accountability system to assist in the achievement of these goals.

Direction was regained. Revolution Systems began to emerge as the company it was always busting to be.

“Achieving these goals has been a hard slog as they required significant personal change.  It is great to see the long term plan falling into place as these goals are “ticked off”…”  more 

The Difference Today:

With the help of Full Focus, Mike and Fiona resolved the issues holding Revolution Systems back. They continued to develop their business. Before long it was an saleable concern.

After 7 years as Top International Distributor, Mike and Fiona sold their New Zealand Sybiz Software business to Australian Sybiz Software Pty Ltd. Mike calls it “a brilliant phase of life”.

Since then Mike and Fiona have spent two years travelling. They’re now looking for the next phase of their lives. And if you ask Mike Francis, he’ll say “… it was all due to that pain in the neck getting us in shape”.

Mike & Fiona Francis

Former Owners, Revolution Systems – Sybiz NZ Ltd

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