Revolution Systems Logo“We have a family run company with some reluctance from both principals to address the “hard bits”.   The company was going well, good profits and a good lifestyle.

“Full Focus was referred to us from a friend so we really had no idea what they could help us with.   We took the meeting as we had some issues that were just not getting resolved and we were stuck on how to move past these.

Solving Business Inertia

“We needed to solve the problem of business inertia, driven by management inactivity caused by the pressure of day to day work.

“Full Focus helped address these issues and 70% of the planned objectives will have been met within 12 months of the project definition period.

“Achieving these goals has been a hard slog as they required significant personal change.   It is great to see the long term plan falling into place as these goals are “ticked off”.  It pays to remember that the plan is the key, life will determine the timing.

“As a primary benefit of working with Dave, I received a much better understanding of the issues we faced.   He was outside the organisation and not afraid to call it as he saw it.   We had completed a similar process with another company two years before and only half the problems were addressed, as they were too polite to push.

Delivered In Sandpaper Wrapping

“Working with Full Focus was difficult.  Dave pushes and asks the hard questions, which are sometimes not easy to take.  He does deliver however, even if it is sometimes delivered in sandpaper wrapping.

“You have to be honest with Dave, as he will be brutally honest with you.  Learn to handle the “hard facts” as he sees them, even though this may take you some time to come to grips with.   It is summed up in one sentence – “Trust your advisor, he knows what he is doing”.

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Mike Francis

Owner, Revolution Systems Limited