Denture Tech LogoAs a recognised market leader in dental technology, DentureTech was a thriving business.

But along with this success came many challenges. Not the least of these was the rest of the market biting at their heels.

Owners Vicki & Chris Pine wanted to stay ahead of the pack. They knew that to stay market leaders, something different needed to be happening.

“We had been market leaders for so long and now the rest of the market had caught up. We felt we needed more help to get us to the next level. …”

Before Working With Full Focus:

Vicki and Chris Pine’s dental technology business had grown from humble beginnings. In the early years they had operated out of their garage. Through sheer determination and hard work they had earned their position as industry-leaders. They were very interested in keeping it.

We were first introduced to Vicki and Chris by their Accountant. They were operating out of their business premises in Albany. They also had satellite clinics in Henderson and Orewa. DentureTech was professional, smart and very successful. But Vicki and Chris had a desire to do better. They wanted to take DentureTech to the next level and engaged Full Focus. Our job was to help them take their business from where it was, to where they wanted it to be.

“We had become so caught up in the daily running of a business that we were not getting ahead. Finances were becoming a problem. Staffing issues were starting to flare up, product advancement had virtually stopped and a feeling of uncertainty was creeping in …”

What We Did:

We put together a very specific and custom designed plan for Vicki and Chris. One that would be actioned over a 100 day period.

We needed to identify exactly where Vicki and Chris were headed. What they perceived as being the ideal future for themselves and their business. We started out on a strategic planning exercise including a vision for Vicki and Chris personally. (This was key given their joint involvement in DentureTech).

With the combined input of their team, we then created a corporate vision. One that would take DentureTech Ltd into the future. From there, we identified a Strategic Priorities Plan . The Plan was set in motion. We worked alongside Vicki to achieve the desired outcomes. They moved step by step towards the vision they had for their business.

“The 100 Day Plan was in our opinion the beginning. It got us on the right track and opened our eyes to what can be achieved. …”

Throughout the process we came across obstacles and issues that needed handling. We worked with Vicki & Chris to overcome staffing issues, team buy-in, sales skills etc.

We conducted a Wealth Maximisation Audit for Vicki and Chris. This ensured they had the legal and financial structures they needed. Ensuring also that they worked hand in hand with what Vicki and Chris were looking to achieve. Safeguarding them should any unforeseen circumstances arise. Any problems were quickly rectified.

This exercise also highlighted their financial arrangements as being less than perfect. We set about customising a financial package that gave Vicki and Chris the best benefits. Not only for themselves but also for their business.

Vicki and Chris asked us to help launch their new industry-leading development. These gender-specific dentures were called EuroTech and EuroStyle. The launch function was a huge success. Euro Dentures have proved themselves in the marketplace since then.

“… Full Focus has helped us to regain direction and move forward. The results are evident. Since we employed the services of Full Focus our turnover has increased 25% from the same time last year….”

The Difference Today:

DentureTech has a strategy with which to bring about the future they want.

Vicki and Chris have legal and financial structures in place that are efficient. They also do what Vicki and Chris want them to and suport their quest to achieve their vision.

Systems, procedures and protocols are in place to promote the branding of DentureTech. There are stop-gaps and checks to ensure these are maintained. This ensures the face of DentureTech is consistent, professional and industry-leading.

There is now a quality assurance plan and a 10 point guarantee. Patient experience and service delivery is expertly managed by the entire team at DentureTech.

Now a finely tuned and structured operation, DentureTech promises an even brighter future. This future includes the realisation of Vicki’s and Chris’s vision for themselves as well as their business.

“Full Focus are leaders in organisation skills and they have a wealth of business knowledge.   They are exceeding our expectations with their efficiency.  They are working equally as hard as we are on our business….”   more

Vicki & Chris Pine

Owners, Denture Tech Limited

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