“Prior to using Full Focus, DentureTech had grown from very humble beginnings to a company employing 12 staff. Our company is recognised as a market leader in the Dental Technology field which in itself causes many challenges.  We had grown to this point by sheer hard work, determination and a willingness to get the job done.

“Along the way we had employed the services of ESP (Entrepreneurs Success Programme) through the recommendation of our Accountant. This was successful and gave us some very helpful skills to continue growth. However, we had reached a cross road.

“We had been market leaders for so long and now the rest of the market had caught up. We certainly felt we needed more help to get us to the next level.  We needed more direction, fresh ideas and organizing.  We had become so caught up in the daily running of a business that we were not getting ahead. Finances were becoming a problem, staffing issues were starting to flare up, product advancement had virtually stopped and a feeling of uncertainty was creeping in. We are also governed by the Dental Board, which causes more and more bureaucracy.

Turnover Has Increased 25%

“After our initial meeting with Dave, we gave some thought as to whether we wanted to proceed. It was an easy decision to make. Progress happened very quickly.  Once we had the meetings with Andrew and Dave and had some plans to work on, our systems started to take shape and clear direction was given.   The 100 Day Plan was in our opinion the beginning. It got us on the right track and opened our eyes to what can be achieved.

“It is quite obvious to every business person that the economy is somewhere between flat and maybe declining, and it is times like these that you have to be completely focused on your business as a whole. This is where Full Focus has helped us to regain direction and move forward. The results are evident. Since we employed the services of Full Focus our turnover has increased 25% from the same time last year.

Exceeding Expectations

“It has been a pleasure working with Full Focus. There is excellent communication between ourselves and Full Focus.   We are getting through large amounts of work and the results are starting to show.   We have greater peace of mind and our confidence in our own abilities is growing.

“Full Focus are leaders in organisation skills and they have a wealth of business knowledge.   They are exceeding our expectations with their efficiency.  They are working equally as hard as we are on our business.

“We would not hesitate to recommend any business in a similar situation to work with Full Focus. The secret is to be honest in the first place, admit you need some help and then get on with it.”

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Vicki & Chris Pine

Owners, DentureTech Limited