Plum Group Logo“When we first started working with Full Focus, our group of companies had grown but we hadn’t necessarily grown with it.  Instead, we’d become lost in the middle of it all.

“Cash flow was one of the biggest factors and I was aware much of this was due to a lack of systems and procedures.  We needed to handle the administration of the entire group.

“Working through our situation with Full Focus has been a roller coaster – a quickly spiralling downwards one.  It’s felt like 2 steps forward and 10 steps back.  As we dive deep there is more knowledge and information that has come to light.  This has made the situation quite different to where we started.

“At times the outlook has seemed bleaked.  But with the support of Full Focus I have been able to see through the trees.

“Having this support, both practically and with appreciation for the emotional challenges, has been my saviour.   I feel we’ve been introduced to the right advisers to get us through this very challenging time.

“If you’re in a situation like ours, seek the support and guidance from the right advisers.  It helps to have someone on your team who’s coming from the outside and looking in.  And someone who does it with Aroha.”

Anita Paul

Manager, The Plum Group NZ Limited