Curtain Clinic LogoWhen we first met Angela Jones her award winning business was floundering.

Angela’s enthusiasm was beginning to run dry. Lack of motivation was frustrating her. She was struggling to inspire her team.

Although Angela had built up a very successful business, she had hit a wall. “… the business had plateaued mainly due to my personal lack of motivation, my failure to pass inspiration on to my team…”

Before Working With Full Focus:

Angela started Curtain Clinic about 14 years ago working out of her backyard. Angela used her energy to build a very successful, award winning business. Curtain Clinic is now based in Papakura.

Angela’s enthusiasm was waning and she was frustrated by lack of direction. She wanted to moved forward but wasn’t sure how. “I realised I needed somebody to light a fire under me and one lucky day, I was referred to David Martin of Full Focus Limited…”

What We Did:

Angela was looking for “someone to light a fire” under her. We began at the place where energy, inspiration and passion comes from – Angela’s future. A future that would inspire and excite her.

By conducting a directional planning exercise we got in touch with what turned Angela on in her life. It was great to see that the business was an integral part of that vision. This included Angela’s quest to always be ahead of the competition. We discovered where her business fits in her life, and why she started it in the first place.

Once we knew what Angela wanted her future to look like, we could set some meaningful goals to get her there. Goals not only for her business but for her life as well.

“Since working with Full Focus my enthusiasm has certainly been rekindled. Previously I had put some ideas aside as just “too hard” but now they are being worked through in a logical and defined manner and are indeed achievable”.

We put simple measurement systems so Angela could track her profit & loss on a frequent basis. This allowed her to keep an eye on her business successes – of which there were plenty!

The Difference Today:

Angela has been able to get back in touch with her passion and enthusiasm for her business. Her accomplishments over the last 6 months have given her confidence to expand. There’s the possiblility of franchising or purchasing her own commercial building.

“Being self employed is challenging in itself, but I now feel I have someone working alongside me who is inspiring me again. Full Focus keeps me on track, makes me believe in myself and indeed will see me succeed.”

Profit for the year to date has almost exceeded the average net profit for the last 5 years. It will be at a record high for this current tax year. Her team is back in alignment and eager – they have moved “to another level”.

Angela now has a game to play in her business, a game that inspires and motivates her.

“If you have the desire to turn a dream into a reality, you must use Full Focus” … more

Angela Jones

Owner, The Curtain Clinic Limited

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