Find out how the banker, the financial advisor and the business coach played an integral role in their client’s business:

The Situation

Our business-owner client had a very successful construction company with around 30 employees. Despite the rewards to date, he was looking to take his business to the next level but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. He approached Full Focus for help.

Method Used

We used many methods to get his affairs into shape and get the business to where he wanted it to be. One of these was a Strategic Business Planning exercise over 2 x half-day workshops.

Each workshop had a specific outcome in mind. The first – to develop a Vision for the construction company. The second – to develop a Strategic Priorities Plan (designed to head towards that Vision).

The purpose of the initial workshop was clear. We were going to assist the client to answer the No.1 Strategic Question. “What would their construction company look like and be like if it were successful? “

Collaborative Minds

Our client and his management team had a good idea of what the business would look like if it were successful. But they were ready and willing to accept the skill and knowledge of outside experts. Particularly in the financial area. Our client agreed to have his banker, his financial advisor and his business coach take part. We had quite a line-up of professionals. They all could add enormous value to this pivotal exercise.

At the end of the workshop our client and the team had identified 6 critical vision elements. The business would need to achieve these to thrive well into the future.

Benefits For All

The wisdom brought to the table by the business banker, the financial advisor and the business coach was invaluable for our client. The business owner had the benefit of their specialised technical viewpoints. He also had his entire team of consultants on board assisting in the development of his business.

There was benefit too, for the banker, the financial advisor and the business coach. These professionals are now seen as providing an essential service to their client. They are also seen to play an even more in depth role in their client’s business. This is priceless.

As an added bonus, the banker got to meet the financial advisor. This fellow has a big influence on the affairs of their mutual client.

Business owners usually think bankers are only good for one thing – more money. This breaks the mould. It was a major breakthrough to have the banker invited to take part at this level. He helped create the future for this client’s business.

The financial advisor too, is now considered in a different light. He is now seen as adding great value to the future of his client’s business. He was only called upon before for compliance and other mundane and historic tasks.

The banker and the financial advisor now have a connection. They also now both have a relationship with the client that wasn’t possible before. They have a much deeper and richer understanding of the client’s business. They know what the client is looking to build.

This creates a new opportunity for the banker and the financial advisor. Not just with their existing client but also the ones they may be referred to in the future. It’s far more likely they’ll good referrals now they’ve proved they’re worth their salt. Everyone loves pro-active advisors.

And Your Clients ?

If you have clients who are looking to move their business to the next level, why not lead the charge? Get them some expert help in areas such as Strategic Business Planning. We’ll make sure you’re playing an integral role in growth and development of your client’s business.


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