Onehunga Transport Engineering Logo“My company was in a rut – carrying out the day to day issues.  Although I could picture what I wanted to achieve, we didn’t have a written plan and we hadn’t put any systems in place.   Everything was in my head – I had never put any of it on paper.

“As a result of working with Full Focus, some key things were established within the company.  We identified a vision for the company and put in place a strategic business plan as well as the systems and procedures.  HR policies and procedures were also put in place and we now have complete employment contracts for our employees.  We can see things more clearly and people can follow the systems now that we have all the parts of it written up.

“We also reviewed and modified our insurance polices etc.  A large number of my personal goals and strategic business goals and objectives were put in place and achieved.  I am still continuing to work on these.

“I found it difficult to put time aside regularly to work on the things I needed to do to get the results I wanted.   However, it was rewarding to see the things we achieved, as I usually just get on with it and don’t recognise myself enough for what I do.

Achieved Everything I Wanted
“Through working with Full Focus I achieved an understanding of most issues we dealt with, although I rely on trusting people when I don’t understand.  I put my trust in them and rely on their expertise in the applicable areas.  I found Full Focus good to work with and we became friends as well business associates.  To a certain extent I felt that we achieved everything I had wanted to.

“At the end of the day running a company is not rocket science.  However, it is valuable to have professional advice from someone who has experience in the areas in which you need help.   It’s also helpful to identify what the actual issues are prior to approaching someone.  Sometimes you just need to be pointed in the right direction – and to hear it from an outsider looking in!”

Craig Pearce

Owner, Onehunga Transport Engineering Limited