Managing your teamBy their nature, small business are going to be intimate and managing your team effectively is crucial.  Working closely together often means you’ll have to share the same goals and the same frustrations … sometimes even the same work space.  Getting the basics handled early on is crucial.   Make no mistake, this is as important for a smaller business as it is for a larger one.

1. Roles & Responsibilities

Make sure everyone’s clear on who is going to do what.  This will avoid the blurring of job boundaries, help reduce conflict and put an end to needless duplication.

2. Expectations

It’s important that everyone understands and is clear on expectations.  These can be as simple as a dress code or uniform, coffee breaks and lunchtime … even down to when you have a beer or wine on a Friday.

3. Socialising

Don’t under-estimate the value of setting the scene for when the team can socialise.  Not only can this help team building, it also encourages the personal stuff stay in the lunchroom, rather than get in the way of getting the job done.

4.  Team Meetings

Having regular team meetings will also help ensure everyone has the same goals and objectives, and helps to create team buy-in.

5. Best mates with your staff?

Sure you can be friendly and pals with your staff.  But best mates?  Probably not,  Although we’ve known some situations where this has worked out really well, it is the exception to the rule.

Although you can have a few laughs and enjoy time with the team, it’s important everyone is clear on who’s leading the ship.  This is why it’s important you also have regular interaction (team meetings or one-on-one performance catch-ups) as well, so that you also have their professional respect.  After all, as the business owner the buck really does stop with you.  Your staff need to understand that, and that it’s not their money on the line.


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