Kevin Covacich“Prior to doing MoreTime I felt that there was not enough time. I also thought that to be effective I must be busy. I was trying to do too much and becoming distracted instead of focusing. Time was not being used as productively as it could have been, and there was an element of procrastination and reluctance to deal with some old unresolved issues.

“As a result of the workshop I have reviewed past attitudes towards time.  I have introduced a weekly Team Meeting with my two seniors so that more assignments are delegated and I’ve been trying to handle paperwork just once.  My chargeable hours have increased by at least 10% and I have set myself a goal of working 10% less and making 10% more. I’ve also started taking every second Friday afternoon off to spend more quality time with Maureen.


“If you’re someone who thinks there’s never enough time -Don’t be so miserable … attend the seminar … pay the fee …  you will get your costs back within one month with increased productivity.   I would definitely recommend MoreTime to my business associates and clients.”

Kevin Covacich

Director, Accounting North Limited