work life balanceFor many business owners time is as precious, and sometimes seems as scarce, as money. Striking a balance between work and personal time can be a constant struggle.

You might be working 12 hour days, or longer. Even more than 5 days week. There are never enough hours to do the things you want in your business let alone in other areas of your life. You want time with your family, time to relax, read a book, or do something that’s fun.

Do You Have a Business, or Does Your Business Have You?

If you’re wondering if your business dominates your life and you’re missing out on the things that really are important – ask yourself this:

  • Do you spend too much time working IN your business and not enough working ON it?
  • Are you up late at night or during the weekend catching up on paperwork?
  • Can your business keep running if you’re not there?
  • Does your business get in the way of spending time with your family and the things you love?
  • Does your business work for you … or do you work for your business?

What is work/life balance?

Work/life balance is a misnomer. There is not your work, and then your life. There is just your life, of which work is a part. It’s how you fit that part into your life that makes the difference.

Having a life with everything included (and nothing left out) makes a massive difference. Not just personally but business-wise as well. You’ll have a fresh approach, greater clarity and objectivity. You’ll feel inspired and do more than you ever thought possible. ¬†Surprisingly, you’ll feel like you’ve got more time than you had before.

But if it continues to be a challenge, you run the risk of becoming stale, exhausted and stressed out. No good for your business, no good for your family, and no good for you.

If you’re struggling to strike a balance perhaps it’s time to take back the reins. and start really being THE BOSS.


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