a consigliereWikipedia says a consigliere is “… an advisor or counsellor, especially to a mafia boss … a close trusted friend and confidant.”

No doubt the Mafia bosses felt under threat from all sides. Even within their own organisations. One of the few people they could trust was the Consigliere. This was someone who gave advice without sugar-coating it.

The Full Focus Consigliere


The Full Focus Consigliere takes the meaning from the Latin “consiliarius” – one who counsels and advises. The consiliarius had a vital role in advising the leaders of the Roman Empire. Full Focus uses the term “consigliere” to define the role we play for some clients. It is at the same time both very specific, yet diverse.

This unique role allows us to be very much a trusted advisor and confidant. We are their listener, mentor, critic, facilitator and motivator. We are someone who is on “their team”. Often their “right-hand man”. Always their champion – looking out for the best interests of the business owner. Both in their business and personal lives.
It’s vital the Consigliere is outside the business owner’s employees and personal family. They must be completely separate from workplace dynamics or family relationships. This allows the Consigliere to maintain a completely independent stance. They are impervious with no personal investment on how you receive their advice. The Consigliere will speak the truth when everyone else is afraid to do so. They will risk their job with you in order for you to succeed.
By the very nature of this role, they cannot afford to be a yes-man. When you come up with a plan it’s their job to challenge that plan’s weakness until it’s foolproof.
They are one of few who can and will argue with the business owner without fear of consequence.
A Consigliere will look out for you, go toe to toe with you and anyone else that gets in the way of your success.

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