Wilde And Freeman Logo“After a relationship break up and ill health, I was struggling to sort out my financial affairs.  I needed to rethink my life and get some positive traction.

“Through working with Full Focus I was able to refinance my debt through the sale of one property.  At that same time this allowed me to change banks and separate my business and personal entities.  Putting the steps in place to sort out my financial affairs lifted a big weight off my shoulders.

Full Focus Has Created Momentum
“I now have a “road map” of what I am trying to achieve – the vision of my life.  The support I received from Full Focus has created momentum and focused me on moving towards my vision.

“Dave’s coaching forced me to commit time to work on the business, not just in the business.  Although at times I felt too pressured by the timeframes I set for myself and this created more stress.

“At times like a relationship break up – when you feel you are being buried, there are not many people who will be practical and hold your hand to do what it takes to sort things out.  Dave did this. He was absolutely wonderful.

“If you click with Dave’s very direct style of operating, he will both support and challenge your thinking.  Either way he will help you get out of the situation you are in.”

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Sara Poore

Owner, Wilde and Freeman