Westpack Marine Engineering“I own and operate a marine engineering company in West Harbour and prior to working with Full Focus I was digging a rather large hole for myself and my business.

An ideal banking set-up
“Among other things we had very ordinary banking arrangements.  We just used them and didn’t really give them much priority.  They were a shambles.

” With the help of Full Focus we were able to identify an ideal banking set-up and quickly achieve the objectives.

“Consolidating everything was a big thing and it’s great to now have everything tidied up.  I no longer have different accounts scattered all over the place.  Everything’s prioritised and easy to manage.

“The headache and worry of “have we got the money to pay the next 20th bills” has been completely removed. Mentally it’s huge – totally different. My whole mindset has changed and it’s great peace of mind.

Excited about finishing the business plan
“We’ve achieved quite a lot with the business planning.  The movement forward has been brilliant.  I can see things happening and this gives me confidence in the business, especially now that I’ve got procedures in place to take care of the menial things that need to be done.

“I did have reservations for a while as it was not quite what I was expecting.  I thought we’d be moving faster, even though part of that was my own doing.


“I’m excited about moving on and finishing the business plan.  I look forward to the planning sessions and moving through the stages – otherwise I know I’d be procrastinating big-time.

How am I going to afford you guys?
“If you find yourself in the position I was, seriously consider going through something of this nature.  Otherwise you just end up in an ever decreasing circle – you’ve got to get out of that and there’s only one way you’re going to move forward.

“Before working with Full Focus I wondered “How am I going to afford you guys?” and yet looking back I haven’t even noticed it!

“Working with Full Focus has given me confidence in where I’m going. It’s given me direction and I now know where I’m heading instead of going around in circles.  I’m also confident about where we’ve been.

“Full Focus has been exceptional to work with. They definitely did the job.”

Todd Pearce

Owner, Westpark Marine Engineering