Toast Logo“TOAST is a busy Graphic and Web Design company in Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore.   Each month our creative house issues numerous invoices that often need following up.

“It’s one thing phoning clients to recover money, but it’s another thing to follow up and ensure your clients keep their word regarding payment dates. It’s a lengthy process and requires a dedicated amount of time each week – which is hard to find when we’re busy.

“Since passing this role on to Full Focus they have done an amazing job recovering our outstanding debt.

“Our debtors in the 30-90 days period are now almost zero and because Full Focus follow up at the same time each month, our clients now understand that we run a tight ship – meaning we get paid first.

The Difference In Black And White
“Knowing our debtors are regularly followed up in a professional manner means we can do what we do best, without worrying about whether we’re going to be paid or not.


“Kathy is extremely dedicated to the task and she not only manages to keep our clients in line, but also myself.

“When we look at our Aged Debtors, It doesn’t take long to work out that what Kathy does is magic. You can see the difference in black and white.  The results are amazing, and worth every cent. I would totally recommend using Full Focus to manage your debtors.”

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Alastair Wilson

Owner, Toast Limited