“TOAST is a small, but very busy graphic design company on Auckland’s North Shore.  Our days are so full of meeting our clients’ deadlines that we sometime overlook our own.   In this case – never finalising trusts, insurance, buy /sell agreements, and more.  Yet, if we were to miss these deadlines our company would probably no longer exist.

“Full Focus did a complete assessment of our company and personal affairs, past and future.  They uncovered errors in our trusts, structures and company documents.  Errors that could mean our structures might not hold up in court.

The Most Important Subjects Of All

“David was always there giving us a nudge to get things ticked off our list. He also made us think about the future and bought up subjects we never really thought of, but in my opinion, were the most important of all. These included making sure our goals were in place, our retirement in sight, and our families looked after if anything happened to me or my business partner.

“David is full of gusto, and has a method to his madness.   This makes the whole experience  more of a laugh than the chore that it could easily be (especially when he brings the beers)!

“I would advise anybody that finds themselves too busy to sort out the heart of their own company – the part that if anything happened would be strong and keep the company alive – to give Full Focus a call.”

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Alastair Wilson & Steve Turner

Owners, Toast Limited