Curtain Clinic LogoWe’d worked with Angela Jones and her curtain cleaning business for 6 months. We were amazed at the drive and ambition that had Angela leap out of the starting blocks and streak ahead.

In fact we were so impressed we wrote our very first Success Story about Angela.

Lucky for us, some 4 years later we’re still working alongside Angela. Her business has blossomed and we find ourselves writing chapter two of the success story that is Angela Jones and Curtain Clinic.

Angela was a very “hands-on” business owner. Her day was often used up working IN the business – be it on the road or on the factory floor. She was frustrated by all the ideas she had in her head yet was unable to get to grips with, or put in place.

“I had many ideas for growing the business, but they were never written down, or developed. The business is a very unique one and had potential for greater things, but my hands-on involvement was proving to be a handicap…”

What We’ve Done Since Then:

Angela’s business was moving from strength to strength. We embarked on an ambitious journey for The Curtain Clinic. A Vision and Strategic Priorities Plan was developed for the business. This provided an anchor point which Angela and her all-girl team could aspire to. Problem areas were identified and dealt with. Growth areas were cultivated. Systems and procedures were put in place and documented.

With the help of Full Focus, Angela became an avid goal setter and an successful goal achiever. We encouraged Angela to display her income targets where they could be seen by her team. It wasn’t long before the wall chart had an extension stapled to it – upwards of course! At the time everyone was spouting “recession” and “bad economy”. Yet Angela’s curtain cleaning business had exceeded all the targets. It was and was literally “off the chart” in terms of success.

“It was to be a turning point. I have since been enlightened, inspired and constantly motivated to chase another goal, and challenge each new month.”

The Difference Today:

Angela has almost completed the Strategic Priorities Plan she set out to do. At the same time her targets have been achieved and her goals realised. The icing on the cake is The Curtain Clinic’s relocation to a fantastic spot on Great South Road. This is a move Angela had always dreamed of but struggled to see coming to fruition. Now she’s there. Complete with new industrial solutions and a purpose-designed and built fit-out. What a fine feeling!

Angela’s “hands-on” role in the business is diminishing. She is able to spend valuable time working ON her business. Angela is now able to develop Curtain Clinic – always moving towards the next level. With Full Focus alongside, Angela is already planning the next exciting phase.

“ ..  developmental planning is a fundamental necessity that is often overlooked when a business is just average, or there is no “dream” for it to be better.  Full Focus have been instrumental in giving me confidence in my own abilities, clarity in my thinking, and tools to improve my business beyond what my own intuition would have allowed.” more

Angela Jones

Owner, The Curtain Clinic Limited

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