Jill Sumner’s landscaping business, Sumner Landscaping, had been successful over the years but Jill felt there were better things in store … she didn’t quite know how to get there.

Luckily, Jill had the foresight to know when she needed help, and the good sense to ask for it.

Jill first contacted Full Focus after coming across our website. She then talked to one of our clients about us and the work we did. Jill thought we could help her.

Before Working With Full Focus:

Sumner Landscaping was a small “personal” business. Jill had no wish to turn it into a huge outfit with a large turnover. She was, though, aware that she could work a bit smarter. Jill wanted to set herself up in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

By her own admission, Jill was in overwhelm. She couldn’t see through all the things she had on the go and gain perspective. She didn’t know where she should or could be focusing her efforts. “Running around like a chicken with its head cut of “ … springs to mind.

Jill knew she could be doing things better. There were many ways to improve work flow, in-house administration and resource management. There was equal confusion about Jill’s legal and financial structures. Jill wasn’t sure whether her existing advisors were right for her or her business.

What We Did:

The starting place for Jill was to identify exactly what she wanted for herself and her business. Sumner Landscaping was a “lifestyle” business. It was paramount that it was congruent and matched how Jill wanted to live her life.

Because of this, we carried out a comprehensive planning exercise. We established what Jill wanted her life and her business to look like and how these two fit together. From there we designed a Strategic Priorities Plan for Sumner Landscaping. We began implementing this and working towards the company vision. Jill was very clear on her personal vision. So she was able to develop her business with all components essential to the enjoyment of her life.

At the same time we made sure her legal and financial structures lined up against what Jill said she wanted. A Wealth Maximisation Audit identified errors in legal documentation. There were also short-falls in financial structures. We put in place a plan to rectify these.

Jill was shown how to enhance her in-house administration. We also showed her how to improve “on the job” operational systems. This was to minimise the “overwhelm” and allow Jill to focus on what she needed to be doing. As it happened this was also what she loved doing, and was best at doing.

The Difference Today:

Jill says she has “much better invoicing and pricing”. We’d go one step further and say her results have improved out of sight. The fact that revenue has gone up by over 50% is testament to this. “ … helped me with the confidence to not necessarily charge more, but to charge for everything I do, and to let people know what the exact cost will be up front…”

Jill has an accountant who is helping her. Someone with experience and knowledge in the landscaping industry. Someone she can call part of her team. “…have finally changed my accountant which I feel very happy about”.

Legal documents have been rectified. Jill now has the peace of mind knowing they’ll do the job she wants them to, when she needs them to.

Jill’s journey is by no means over. She struggles with all the different facets a business owner who works IN their business has to face. This includes finding time to work ON her business. But, she now has the tools at hand to minimise overwhelm and work smarter. She can achieve better results without the mayhem. Jill also knows her affairs are in order and her ducks in a row. “…I feel that I have made great strides…”    more.

(Names and company details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.)

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