Splash Equipment Limited Logo“Like most people, I knew the problems and challenges that had to be dealt with, and what should be done. However, without having someone to answer to or to prod for answers and action, making the final decisions and getting on with the actions was difficult.

“Business activity was mediocre and plans were not being adhered to or progressed.  Too many activities were being carried out at any one time and this created lack of focus.  Personal issues were being put off and not dealt with up front.  Added to this was a lack of available expert advice.

Clarity On Goals And Plans
“Working with Full Focus has given me a lot more clarity on my life goals and plans.  I also have greater awareness of making changes to align with my basic principles and values. Having Dave look over my shoulder has enabled me to get past the procrastination and into action.  I am now more accountable to myself.  Sometimes just having someone to bounce concepts off, discuss issues with and get ideas from, adds a different perspective and clarifies my thoughts.

“I now have peace of mind in knowing my affairs are in a tidier situation.  I have taken actions that allow me to live more closely to my own values and follow my dreams.  This has given me much greater internal peace.

“Full Focus is easy to work with and their attitude of concern and dedicated genuine interest has built up a good rapport.  Their response to enquiries is good, and they have excellent follow up and recording systems.

“If we need help in clarifying direction, or to get on with the plans we make, most of us need someone to keep us focused and kick our butt!

Substantial Changes
“Full Focus tracks my progress and holds me accountable to what I say I am going to do.  They also contribute ideas and concepts that may improve on what I have in mind.  This has a great overall effect on progress.  Whilst this progress is not always immediately evident, looking back over time it becomes obvious that substantial changes have taken place.”

Graham Reiher

Owner , Splash Equipment Limited