“I was working in a small family-run business that was growing and going through some fundamental restructuring.

“As a result of this I was given additional tasks and responsibilities to those I was already accountable for.  I was finding it hard to keep up-to-date and wasn’t managing the multiple job roles I was assigned. I felt I was letting the team down and my personal job satisfaction was also starting to decrease.

“After completing MoreTime, the Results Management Series, my life has been kick-started in every direction.   Now that I am so clear with what I want, it is very exciting to think of how each week, month or year is going to pan out.  I’m creating bite sized chunks to achieve my wants and desires and I really feel and believe I am going to make something great of my life!

“Learning to prioritize with the ABC’s and organizing my tasks using the Urgent Vs Important system has had an instant impact on my job performance and personal job satisfaction.

“The goal and life vision exercise has helped me understand my personal requirements and what I want in my job/ career.  This has had an immediate effect on my job performance and way I go about my daily tasks.


Increased Motivation & Confidence
“Full Focus has been absolutely fantastic to work with.  The dedication, honesty and encouragement they have given me over the Result Management Series and my other dealings with them have been very educational and inspiring.  I really appreciate all they have done for me in my job position but more so in my life.

“Go and see Full Focus!   Talk to them, even if it is only for one hour.  When you discuss things with them your motivation automatically rises, your confidence booms and you want to get stuck into things straight away.  Full Focus can help you see a very positive outlook in life.

“It really is life changing, and any change you take in life makes you stronger and wiser. You have nothing to lose but wasted minutes worrying about what you should be doing or could have done. “

Rebecka Hart

Systems Co-ordination Manager, Abbotts Drainage Limited