Protobuild Logo“Even though we had a great business, we felt our growth was limited.  We’d convinced ourselves that with the people and resources available to us we could only achieve a limited, slow and modest growth.  But we had a burning desire to achieve more.

“After working with Full Focus for a few months a couple of things became clear.

“Our roles within the business have become more organised.   We now know what each of us needs to do on a daily basis.  This is invaluable as the results we generate now end up being the ones we planned for.

“Having a business that can achieve all of the financial goals we said it needs was always going to be a tall order.   However, focusing on this goal gave us the power to realise what actions were going to get us there with the strength to make some difficult choices along the way if necessary.

A Hugh Sense Of Achievement

“As with breaking any bad habits there was always going to be struggle along the journey. Having Full Focus work along side us helped us see for ourselves what we were doing.  We could then re-evaluate our actions and choose the steps to get us back on track.   Over time this gave us a huge sense of achievement.  There is nothing like accomplishing something that we once said couldn’t be done.

“If you look at your business and think you know its limitations, you will be surprised at what else is possible. Working with Full Focus helped us find out exactly what that possibility was for us.”

Leanne & Richard Mayo

Owners, Protobuild Limited