Polished Concrete LogoJason Torbet formed a small concrete polishing business some 15 years ago.

With the help of Full Focus, he solved some major issues and set about developing his business. Today it’s a profitable and successful operation.

Before Working with Full Focus:

An existing client referred us to Jason. When we first met he was struggling to sort out a variety of issues.

Jason had just bought his first home. He was handling the usual financial, logistical and emotional turmoil that this creates. He was also suffering from a lack of focus on business and at the same time trying to plan for one whole month away. Jason didn’t know how he was going to do all the things he wanted to do. He was in panic-mode – overwhelmed by the situation. “Before working with Full Focus I felt like I was in dire straits.”

What We Did:

It seemed a good time to find out what Jason was up to with his business. So we worked with him to identify his business vision. From there we could begin getting all his “ducks in a row” – working towards that vision.

One of the things we did was to help distinguish the roles of Jason’s family members in the business. This went a long way to resolving potential conflict. It also minimised the chances of it occurring in the future. This is always one of the sticky points in a family business!

We put a plan in place so Jason could have his one month away from the business. He knew that everything would be well taken care of in his absence.

An examination of Jason’s legal and financial structures was undertaken. We wanted to make sure everything did what it was supposed to do. Some errors and potential concerns were noted and rectified.

We used simple spreadsheets and graphs to get Jason focused on turnover and profitability.

A series of systems and procedures were identified and a plan devised to put these in place.

“Full Focus provided structure, both personally and business wise, as well as superb clarity and direction. “

The Difference Today:

Jason believes that having Full Focus on his team has benefited him in many ways. “I felt like I had a “big brother” alongside me – someone who was there “backing me up”. I was blown away with Full Focus’s consistency and integrity – they did everything they said they would do, and more, and on time!”

Since working with Full Focus Jason’s profit and turnover have doubled. Sustainably so. He now keeps his eye on these measurements. He know how they are trending and this gives him huge satisfaction and peace of mind.

Staffing issues which were once a big problem are now minimal. Systems (which were non-existent) are now being put in place.

He was also able to have four weeks away from his business (lucky guy!). Better still, he left knowing his business would be looked after during his absence. He returned to it being in great shape.

Jason is now able to concentrate on his business, knowing his ducks are in a row. The background checks are done and he can stride ahead to do the things he’s after in his business and his life.

“If people are genuine about what they want to achieve, then Full Focus is a company to help them achieve their goals and objectives.   I strongly recommend people to work with Full Focus to discover for themselves what Full Focus can do for them. “ … more

Jason Torbet

Owner, Polished Concrete Limited

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