Ease the stress and worry of being a business owner

Customised business solutions to get you back in control

Ease the stress and worry of being a business owner

Customised business solutions to get you back in control

Get Business Advice That Works

Business Coach NZ
Chances are you have run into the same problems as many other business owners. Sometimes it’s growth, change, or trouble with people or money that are the triggers. But how ever it starts, trouble usually shows up the same way.

Tried and Proven Solutions for Auckland Businesses

Fine-tuned over 25 years, our successful, reliable solutions are a game changer. When they’re stuck, unmotivated, confused or find themselves too busy to sort out their own company, we’re the business advisor Auckland companies call for renewed focus. We know how to deal with many of the difficult issues business owners face.

Business Owner Success Plans

Know where your business is headed and the steps to get you there. Get clarity, direction, focus and a way forward.


Wealth Maximisation Audits

Sort your legal and financial affairs. Get peace of mind knowing you’ve done the right thing.


Banking and Finance Enhancement Plans

Take the pressure off.
Make money work for you and your business.


Worry and anxiety can cause a constant strain on you and on your business. The good news is we can help you grow your business.

Financial Advisor Business Coach

Do any of these business issues sound familiar?

Business Coach NZ

  • Difficulty making decisions … unsure of your focus or how to move forward.
  • Cash flow pressures and the feeling you’ve got no control over the situation.
  • Concern whether you’re doing the right things to safeguard yourself, your business and your family.
  • Not sure what’s going wrong in your business, let alone how to fix it.
  • Stress, feeling overwhelmed and struggling day-to-day.

Business Advisor Auckland

We have some great solutions to relieve your worries. Get advice on how to run and grow your business from the experts who know.

Follow our business advice and you can expect to find yourself …

Business Coach NZ
  • Gaining clarity on where you’re headed and how to get there … you’ll feel energised, focussed and able to move ahead with certainty.
  • Feeling in control of your financial situation … your money will work better for you and your business.
  • Having peace of mind knowing you’re doing the right things to protect your family.
  • Relieved you understand what the real issues are and how to transform them, so you can work through change effectively.
  • Confident you’re making good business decisions and taking action.
  • Enjoying your business and your free time more.

You’ll be able to manage confusion and uncertainty and start getting to where you want to be.  And best of all, the steps ahead are straightforward and easy to understand.

Finance Mentor

See what our clients say …..

“I have no hesitation referring customers to Full Focus. They have a wide skill base. Where they fall short they employ experts from within their network to assist with quality advice.  Full Focus provide a comprehensive, friendly approach and genuinely care about their customers. They demonstrate a high level of professionalism and are always willing to hold individuals to account.”
Geoff Wilson – Commercial Manager, Westpac

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