Veterinary Care“My wife was running a small to medium sized business that was owned by our Trust.   There was difficulty within the business as with stakeholders chiefly caused by rapid growth while not being fully prepared.  The challenge was to simplify how the business was to run, and to adjust our Trust to ensure full protection should anything happen. There were a lot of moving parts and stakeholders to contend with so a clear directive on moving forward was essential.

“Through a series of meetings, a concise set of objectives and goals were established and a considered step by step plan was initiated.   Full Focus’s continued support made a complex job simple and kept it on track.   A deep understanding of our situation meant we had help at every step.

“Being given an overall insight from multiple perspectives gave us clarity on what we had.  It also helped to clearly identify areas where, as well as why, improvement or changes were needed.

“Dave and Kathy work as a team with complementary skills.  Dave delivers a straight message, direct and to the point. He’s easily capable at understanding delicate issues within business, both operational and importantly, the people within the business.   Kathy takes on the ‘behind the scenes’ role dealing with the logistics and paperwork associated with making changes.   She is caring, very well organised and detail orientated making her a pleasure to deal with.

“Having worked with Full Focus, it was clear we didn’t have a deep understanding of our affairs.   We’d been given ad hoc advice in the past from various sources and never really explored new or different ways to do business.   Dave and Kathy use all their experience and knowledge to help you up-skill in areas not normally considered important.    It’s enlightening to have your affairs laid out in front of you, and then be shown a pathway to improve your situation.”

Marvin Reber, Director, Marvin Reber Design Limited
Niamh Currid, Director, Pt Chevalier Veterinary Services Limited

Marvin Reber & Niamh Currid