“After building a string of liquor outlets across Auckland and the Bay of Plenty, I was looking to refinance my borrowings from the bank.   My experience in the past had been frustrating as the banks wouldn’t look at goodwill as part of the value of my businesses.  They also held excessive securities over my personal assets for the amount of money I’d borrowed.

“After getting Full Focus on board, they worked with the bank on my behalf.  They were able to re-capitalise my businesses for the bank and then got them to recognise the real capital value of the businesses.  This created massive equity – enough equity to enable the bank to then remove all the securities previously held over my personal assets.

“At times, this was a difficult process, and I now understand why some business owners just accept what can be quite unreasonable demands from their bank.

“At the same time, Full Focus carried out a review of my personal affairs.   They pointed out gaps in my legal documents and assisted with fixing these so that me and my family are looked after.

“Working with Full Focus provided some really fruitful results – results that might not have been achieved without their involvement.  What really impressed me about Full Focus was that they were always looking at my affairs, both business and personal, through my eyes.  I have used many professional advisers throughout my business and personal life but to have someone always asking the question “is this in my best interests” was not only new to me but very reassuring.”


Moneesh Mittal

Director, Kani Mani Holdings Ltd