RSM Prince“I have worked for some time now with David and Kathy Martin of FullFocus and have found them to be extremely proactive and driven to provide the very best in quality.

“Those that we have mutually worked on have benefitted exponentially from their input and as a collaborative team of professionals both Dave and Kathy compliment each other fantastically well with differing skills and strengths.┬áservice to their clients.

“I have no hesitation to recommending FullFocus for those in business who know what they want but simply need a process and facilitation to get there. David and Kathy will make even the most passionate business owner more passionate about what they do and why they are doing it. The exceptional becomes the normal and hard work and diligence to documentation and systematisation becomes the norm when working with them.

“Take the opportunity to work with these people.”

Lyle Irwin

Chartered Accountant , RSM Prince