“As a student and contractor/casual employee I had many different incomes and outgoings that were changing on a weekly basis.  I also had overseas regattas every couple of months.  The nature of the work meant I could go for a couple of months without pay.  I was looking for a way to forecast my future cash flow to see issues arise beforehand, when I still had time to make changes.  

“Using the cashflow forecast system means I now have a good idea of where my finances will be in 2 to 3 months’ time.  It has allowed me to study and save money for the overseas events without worrying about running out while overseas or studying. The cashflow forecast system takes me less than 10 minutes, once a week and fulfills its job perfectly.

“I have less stress and worry due to the ability to change the future, instead of running out of money and time at the other end.  This enables me to do more with my time and to plan further ahead.  Kathy and David are very easy to work with and give honest and reliable advice, as well as helping you think outside the box.

“Having the ability to reliably plan ahead is critical and you don’t realise how easy it can be. Using a cashflow forecast system gives you that ability and it’s something you won’t regret.  It saves you stress, time, and money from the start.”

Logan Andresen

Student/part time contractor