Matthew Hayne was the General Manager in his family business. In this role he had worked with Full Focus before. Matt contacted us on the off-chance that we may be able to help in their endeavours to finance a new property.

Before Working With Full Focus:

Kimberley and Matthew were looking to buy a new family home. They also wanted to keep their old home as a rental property. They’d approached their existing bank 3 or 4 times in the last few months, each time told to take a walk.

What We Did:

We started by approaching their existing bank again. Finding out what had gone wrong when Kim and Matt had approached them before was critical.

After gathering all the information together we designed a presentation. We touted this to some lenders. We even went back to their existing bank. The responses were all positive and before long the offers started to come in. Soon we had 5 banks all wanting Kim’s and Matt’s business.

This enabled Kim and Matt to pick and choose as they otherwise would not have been able to. In fact, they didn’t even have one offer on the table before. In the end, the best offer was from their existing bank (yes, the one that turned them away not so long before).

The Difference Today:

Kim and Matt are now able to go house-hunting knowing the have the backing of a bank and a guaranteed loan of $1,050,000.

Kimberley & Matthew Hayne

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