your best peopleWith employee shortages stretching across many industries, this article in NZ Business magazine caught our attention.  It gives some smart strategies to help you hold on to your best people.

“The changes over the past 18 months have not been easy for businesses or employees. It’s given many Kiwis food for thought, causing them to reflect on what fuels them personally, in life, and in their careers.

Some have chosen to upskill online or develop a side hustle for extra income. Others have realised they can live without the material trappings that seemed so important before Covid-19 hit.

Given the landscape, where labour and skills shortages are acute due to border closures, it’s a candidate’s market right now. This is true across the globe with many countries experiencing “mass resignation”, where employers are finding it increasingly difficult to retain their staff. Sadly, New Zealand is far from exempt. …”


Read the full article here:  How To Hold On To Your Best People