“We knew that we wanted to have an even more successful company but we didn’t know where to start.   Added to this, I wanted to take a more active role in the business.  I just didn’t know how my talents could be utilised or how they would fit in with the business.

“Dave and Kathy identified my skills and showed me how I could use these going forward. My confidence grew when I realised that I did have something to offer and I could become a valued member of staff.

“I loved Dave and Kathy’s honesty and their ability to see what we couldn’t see.   They helped us set goals/visions and organise things.  We know that we can call on Full Focus if we have any issues or questions.

“After working with Full Focus we are feeling more positive about the direction we are heading in – and we’re now reassured it’s the right direction going forward.

“I feel that we have a clarity that we didn’t have before.   This has definitely given me peace of mind.

“The advice Full Focus has given us is invaluable.  Sometimes we all need help and Dave and Kathy delivered.”

Nicola Coombe

Shareholder, GilesCivil Limited