GilesCivil“I was a 50% shareholder of a limited liability company that had been trading for 19 years.  The year before we had changed to 70/30 shareholding and now my business partner had decided to fully retire. 

“I wanted to ensure that going forward the company structure was correct and tax efficient, as well as our personal affairs – Wills, Power of Attorneys etc.

“Following on from our initial meeting with Full Focus we also looked into our professional and financial advisors.  As part of this, we opted to tender out our banking requirements.  The essential requirement was to protect the family wealth and still allow us to grow the business.  We also had a tight time frame and a change of banks.

“Full Focus came alongside myself and the business and supported and guided us through a process that I was unfamiliar with.  They also ensured our advisors had our needs first.

“I felt that Dave and Kathy were there with a prod where required.  But more importantly, they provided peace of mind.  They also provided the experience we needed in dealing with the process of setting up the business correctly. Going forward it’s great to know they are only a phone call away. 

“I would recommend Full Focus to any business going through an ownership restructuring. Having the correct structures and advisors in place both at home and in the business provides a great sense of security.”

Joe Coombe

Director & Shareholder, GilesCivil Limited