Gaze Burt Logo“As lawyers providing the full range of legal services, Gaze Burt has been able to successfully work for a number Full Focus Limited’s clients.  Some of these have been single projects whilst others have returned and we now have an established relationship with them.

“Working with Full Focus we have been able to assist clients put their business affairs in order – whether it be wills for Directors, Enduring powers of attorney, Relationship property issues or Trust formation.  Some of these clients, prior to working with Full Focus, were unaware of the risks of not dealing with these issues.

“As a result of our involvement and the prompting by Full Focus, the clients can now be assured that should unforeseen circumstances occur, they and their families will be protected.   Clients who are happy with us as advisors and pleased that they have put business affairs in order will often refer other clients to us which is beneficial for all.

“I have found working with Full Focus to be a positive experience. In particular I value the frankness of David Martin who always gives clear instructions regarding his own and his client expectations.  Gaze Burt provides our expectations in return with an indication of fees and if required a time estimate to complete.

“Accountants, lawyers, business coaches and consiglieres all have a place to add benefit to business clients and it’s important they can each operate in their area of expertise. It is always helpful working with fellow professionals in assisting clients achieve their objectives. There are certainly benefits in strategic alliances between the clients’ professional advisers.”

Gaze Burt

Lawyer, Gaze Burt