“Over the last few years I had been helping other people sort out their personal and business lives and had not spent time thinking about where I was headed myself.  On reflection, there had been significant changes in my life – my three adult children were now living independently, a business venture that travelled down the wrong tracks, and a move to living in a rural rental property.

“The constant was my tolerant wife of 37 years who mentioned that I had become difficult to communicate with and unwilling to talk about our circumstances.  I was feeling blame and guilt for what turned out to be poor monetary decisions and for not being the financial provider that would enable us to live to a modest yet comfortable standard.  Even trivial conversation and comments seemed like personal criticism.

“Dave Martin from Full Focus took me aside and gave me a mental shake.  The questions he asked and the process he introduced me to provided me with clarity of purpose, direction and motivation to be the person that I needed to be and to value the life and the love that was in front of me.

“It was an extremely valuable exercise, skillfully delivered with understanding, passion and confidentiality. With eyes wide open, I now have a new clarity of purpose and direction.

“Many of the business owners I meet are just dabbling and not focusing.  They would find it incredibly useful to carry out this exercise and be guided towards their own vision.”

Garth Partridge

Business Coach, Baldry & Sanford