finding and keeping great teamsEvery now and then we come across an article in the NZ Business Magazine that’s worth passing on.  This one gives some straightforward guidance on how to appeal to the right people, and build and maintain the best team possible.

With the current shortage of skilled workers in NZ, attracting the right people is a big challenge for any business.  There are thousands of jobs available and a limited supply of candidates.

This article talks about how you can attract the best people for your team, and provides guidance on how to keep hold of them once you’ve got them.  There are some good ideas here, including how the little things can make all the difference.  Why not start using some them in your own business?

“There is a saying going around that it’s time to not only ‘Go Through Covid, but Grow Through Covid’.
This is a great way to think about business and how to make the next 12 months count.

Whether you are in rebuild mode, in a growth phase, or flat out trying to keep up with demand – we all need one thing, and that is a good team …”

Read the full article here:  Finding, And Keeping, Great Teams