Dent Devils LogoShane Griffin was a one-man band working long and hard. He’d called his paintless dent removal business Dent Devils.

His partner Lorraine Dean managed all the admin including invoicing and and finances. She also handled their personal affairs and a pre-school child.

Before Working With Full Focus:

Lorraine and Shane already had some legal and financial structures in place. They assumed these would safeguard them should any unforeseen circumstances arise. With a young child on board, they wanted to make sure all their ducks were in a row. Lorraine and Shane were a bit “in the dark” about how to administer these. They were also unsure whether they actually did the job they wanted them to. They decided to they wanted some clarity and certainty. So they started a journey that would have some unexpected results.

“Without the help of Full Focus we would have been completely out of our depth handling all the issues around the Trust and the Company….”

What We Did:

Our starting place was to conduct a Personal Stocktake for Lorraine and Shane. This highlighted some glaring errors in their legal documentation, in particular their Trust. Specialist advice was sought. Specific recommendations were about the integrity, or otherwise of their Trust. It wasn’t good news for Lorraine and Shane. They had to come to terms with the fact that the structures they had in place were detrimental to them.

Added to this, their financial arrangements were less than satisfactory. They were outdated and did not support the way they wanted to manage their business. We carried out a complete financial shake-up. We also did some hard negotiating with their bankers.

We gave serious consideration to some of the advice they’d been receiving. It became clear some of this advice that would have nasty repercussions down the track. We worked together with Lorraine and Shane to rectify this situation. It wasn’t an easy process. But with Full Focus on their side, Lorraine and Shane were able to stand up to some professional mumbo jumbo. They were able to get their affairs sorted and working the way they wanted them to.

“We had become too reliant and trusting. We’d been brought up to respect accountants, solicitors and bankers – accepting their professional advice and recommendations without question….”

The Difference Today:

Shane and Lorraine now have tailored legal structures that fit their individual circumstances. They work how they want them to, and they provide benefits for them now and in the future. They also have systems in place administer their structures. This ensures their integrity going forward.

Added to this, they now have professional advisors that support them in what they’re up to. Adding to their business and providing advice that’s in their best interests.

They also have custom-fit financial arrangements in place that suit their individual circumstances.

Lorraine and Shane are now able to concentrate on building their business. They don’t have to worry whether everything they’ve got in place will stand the test of time. It wasn’t an easy journey, nor was it a quick one. But the outcomes mean Lorraine and Shane have certainty on the state of their affairs. They have the peace of mind of knowing they are building their wealth on a strong foundation. The future security of their family is well safeguarded.

“Full Focus are extremely approachable, straightforward and want you to succeed – someone on your side…”   more

Shane Griffin & Lorraine Dean

Owners, Dent Devils Limited

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