“Prior to using Full Focus Bruce and myself were running our businesses on a day by day basis – relying on work as it came in and shifting monies from one account to another if and when it was needed.   This seemed to work for us but in a pretty chaotic way, leaving us largely to rely on overdrafts.

With Full Focus’s help and structured approach we were able to look at the many problems this presented from all angles – time, efficiency, budgeting – all a nightmare for the accountants, and of course never really knowing how well (or badly) our businesses and personal finances were doing.

Fixing this involved major restructuring, facing challenges and accepting our casual approach and how much better we could be doing.  We needed lots of guidance of course, and a VERY organised and methodical approach that we felt comfortable with, trusted and which seemed achievable.

It sometimes takes a “goal” to focus on and to start getting organised, and with our separation six years ago and now wanting financial independence, this presented the ideal opportunity for us to take stock and sort out all the entwining business and finances in a logical, fair and amicable way.

I would certainly recommend Full Focus to anyone feeling confused, or when a situation appears so hard and complicated to sort out that one continues with the established process without realising there are easier and more profitable solutions.

David was excellent and the perfect choice for us.  He was clear, understood the situation, and certainly led us in the right directions to sort matters out.   It was very rewarding and gave me a purpose to work towards that would be beneficial to Bruce, myself and the family.”

Martine Cameron

Manager, Camcolly Investments