Bright Ideas Group Logo“I never had enough time before I did MoreTime. I tended to procrastinate too much and wasn’t using my time effectively. Too much time was spent doing things I “should” do rather than what I wanted to do and the important things never seemed to get done.

“The MoreTime workshop has given me much more focus on what I want to be doing in life.  It’s made me evaluate where I am now, where I want to be and how I need to change my priorities. I have found that I have a little voice in my head which reminds me that doing nothing and procrastinating is energy draining, and to just do it and I will feel better.There are still a few areas I need to work on but I have a much better attitude and am completing things much more efficiently.

“I would definitely recommend that anyone who is struggling with time (or lack of it) should do MoreTime.   MoreTime really helps you focus so you can see where you need to put your energy.   Once you have that focus it is so much easier to prioritise. The “Accomplishment Cycle” or the “Goal v No Goal” decisions which are such simple concepts, have made me analyse my behaviours and I am changing the energy draining ones.”

Karyn Grindlay

Owner, Bright Ideas Group Limited