Auckland Truck Spray Logo“Since working with Full Focus, we have a much better handle on the day-to-day cashflow.  This, plus having forecasts in place, has provided us with huge peace of mind.  It’s given us the incentive to collect payments early or on time, and to more actively market our business.

The Banks No Longer Have Control

“Full Focus were an enormous help with our refinancing.  We now have a structure in place that we previously didn’t think possible.  They have helped us get away from the control of the banks and we no longer feel the banks have power over our business.

“Working with Full Focus has had a huge overall impact – definitely much better than we expected or imagined.  The changes have created a more settled work environment.  Our staff are happy and feel more secure, which in turn has improved production.   We have certainly learned a lot about our business.

Stress-Free Time Away From The Business

“During a very tough business year Full Focus has encouraged and supported us  and the time we now spend away from the business is much less stressful.  We’re not sure where we would be now if it wasn’t for the assistance of Full Focus.”

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Christine & Peter Maxwell

Owners, Auckland Truck Spray