Air Sea Global Logo“I had been running a successful private company for some 10-12 years, but I was dissatisfied with the results of people with whom I was involved.  I’d been wondering about how well I thought things were going in my life.   I was indifferent – cruising through life, trusting others when I should have been taking more control.  I had allowed myself to be pushed around – not standing up for what I had and being responsible for it.

“Through working with Full Focus, I was able to take better control of where things were and I am still very focused on getting the business outcomes where I want them to be.  Full Focus is a constant reminder of “where you want to be” and putting plans in action to achieve it.  However, the complexity of all situations in my life results in many options that are available to me and it is difficult then to be “tunnel visioned” on one particular outcome.  With Full Focus’s assistance I am still able to make decisions and it ensures I keep a more open approach to the outcome.

“There was focus into my circumstances and identified areas of dissatisfaction, also on the business being on a good footing – although sometimes to the slight detriment to other sides of my life.  The situation I found myself in demanded some attention and needed more stringent detailing of costs incurred and what benefits were being derived.

“Full Focus can give an appreciation of your current life status and is able to assist and improve any issues.”

David Buchanan

Owner, Air Sea Global